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Being a professional furniture builder for the past 38 years, with a family background in the construction trade, and a general all around tinkerer gives me a unique sense for creating technical illustrations.

I've been illustrating professionally since 1998. I create an illustration in 3D using a CAD program, and then I "explode" the object to reveal its construction. Using the CAD program allows me to rotate and change views quickly. Once the final view is determined, I then render or color the drawing using a variety of techniques.

I began my professional career building furniture in 1978. I’ve built everything imaginable including uniquely designed art furniture, Stickley and other reproductions, all types of household furniture, even canoes and a sailboat. Fine furniture and cabinets built to meet your needs is my specialty. I enjoy challenges and excel at creating the unusual. In 1988 I started writing and producing freelance woodworking projects, articles, and plans for various woodworking and home improvement publications.
Kieffer Custom Furniture, Inc.

In 2017 I started Thrifty Cabinets, plans for woodworkers and DIYs.
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